#283 Please Support Our LTE Writing Efforts

Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004
Subject: # 283 Please Support Our LTE Writing Efforts


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DrugSense FOCUS Alert #283 2 Jan 2004

As we enter our ninth year at The Media Awareness Project, we thank
the thousands of letter writers who have used our website and letter
writing resources. We also thank the many people who volunteer their
time to identify printed Letters to the Editor on the topic of drug
policy reform and who then ‘newshawk’ the items. Thanks to this
latter group, we are more able to accurately archive as many PUB LTEs
as possible from newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada and also
from other countries around the world.

“PUB” LTEs are what MAP describes as letters which PUB-licize the
idea(s) of drug policy reform in one or may ways. This is in contrast
to a simple “LTE” which is a letter discussing drug policies but that
endorses continuation of the drug war status quo. It is our intent to
accurately archive ALL drug policy related Letters to the Editor, so
that anyone who visits our site can see clearly how the sentiment of
the public is moving strongly in favor of reform ideas. In the past
three years, the ratio of PUB LTEs to those LTEs which support the
drug war has been over 3 to 1 – a percentage that accurately reflects
other polling on this topic, which is that over 70% of Americans view
the drug war as an utter boondoggle in urgent need of new and workable

Over the past eight years, MAP has archived over 14,000 PUB LTEs, with
over two thirds – about 9,500 – of them being published in just the
past three years. Research done by MAP’s founders in 1997 suggests
that the average printed LTE is worth $1,000 if the same space were
to be used for commercial advertising. How better can activists
without deep pockets contribute to the reform efforts from their home

Our data shows that in the past three years, well over three fourths
of the PUB LTEs have come from the pens and keyboards of MAP-aware
readers. During 2003 MAP’s news archives was visited by an average of
over a quarter million people – unique visitors – from about 125
countries – each month.

By going to our home page and using the LETTERS link at the bottom of
the page, you can easily see the names of our most prolific letter
writing friends and supporters. A dropdown menu will permit you to
see all of the PUB LTE authors, even those with just one printed
letter to their credit. Each and every name in that list has made a
significant contribution to making the Media more Aware of smart
alternatives to the failed policies of the drug war and to each of
these writers we say THANK YOU.

We challenge everyone to make the effort of writing more LTEs,
especially to those papers in your home state.

An election year in the United States will provide increased
opportunities for writing those letters.

Nor is MAP alone in encouraging the writing of letters to the editor.
We can not think of any drug policy reform organization that does not
also encourage writing LTEs.

Data provided by our most successful letter writers suggests that for
at least every eight letters submitted, one or more will be printed!
Thus, if you were to take the time needed to submit just two letters
per week, you would likely find yourself being published at least once
a month. Oh, and even if a letter you send is not printed, the
newspaper’s editorial page editor is made aware that there is strong
public interest in our issues.

Everyone likely realizes that submitting just two letters weekly is
not a huge time investment. It’s ‘easy’ to do, but so many of us
don’t take those few minutes due to our otherwise busy and demanding
schedules. However, please consider joining us in this effort over
the coming 12 months.

In case you think getting printed once a month is overly difficult or
not possible for you, please read below for a list of people who had
at least 12 PUB LTEs in just one year. We think you’ll agree that you
could join this group in 2004 and help us continue the success of
MAP’s campaign to educate and make the Media more Aware of how
right-minded people worldwide feel about the failed drug war and how
we can best reform said policies in the months and years ahead.

Thanks for your effort and support.

It’s not what others do it’s what YOU do


email messages, etc.)

Please post a copy of your letter or report your action to the sent
letter list (sentlte@mapinc.org) if you are subscribed, or by
E-mailing a copy directly to MGreer@mapinc.org if you are not
subscribed. Your letter will then be forwarded to the list so others
can learn from your efforts and be motivated to follow suit.

This is _Very_ Important as it is one very effective way of gauging
our impact and effectiveness.

Subscribing to the Sent LTE list (sentlte@mapinc.org) will help you to
review other sent LTEs and perhaps come up with new ideas or
approaches as well as keeping others aware of your important writing

To subscribe to the Sent LTE mailing list see http://www.mapinc.org/lists/index.htm
and/or http://www.mapinc.org/lists/index.htm#form



Kevin Allan, British Columbia

Thomas Angell, Rhode Island

Mett Ausley, North Carolina

Don Barnard, United Kingdom

Dean Becker, Texas

Paul Bischke, Minnesota

Chuck Beyer, British Columbia

Allan Buffry, United Kingdom

Chris Buors, Manitoba

Scott Burke, Nova Scotia

Ray Carlson, California

John Chase, Florida

Sandy Cote, Ohio

Pat Dolan, British Columbia

Chris Donald, Nova Scotia

Duncan Eddy, New Zealand

Lee Eisenstein, Hawaii

Matthew Elrod, British Columbia

Jerry Epstein, Texas

Allan Erickson, Oregon

Redford Givens, California

Chris Hagglund, Ontario

Tom Hawkins, Washington

Kim Hanna, Massachusetts

Stephen Heath, Florida

Steve Helms, Texas

M V Hollingsworth, Texas

Jay Hunter, Pennsylvania

Christopher Joseph, Ohio

Christopher Largen, Texas

Anthony Lorenzo, Florida

Jason Marrs, New York

B. McConnell, Australia

Tim Meehan, Ontario

Dave Michon, Wisconsin

Bruce Mirken, Washington, DC

Kirk Muse, Arizona

Loretta Nall, Alabama

Thomas O’Connell, California

Wayne Phillips, Ontario

Mike Plylar, Colorado

Alan Randell, British Columbia

Richard Rawlings, Illinois

Scott Russ, Louisiana

Clifford Schaffer, California

Larry Seguin, New York

Robert Sharpe, Washington, DC

Richard Sinnott, Florida

Larry Stevens, Illinois

Gary Storck, Wisconsin

Gerald Sutliff, California

Bruce Symington, Alberta

Danny Terwey, California

Jim White, Ohio

Stan White, Colorado

Adam Wiggins, California

Walter Wouk, New York

Stephen Young, Illinois

Plus probably a dozen or two more folks we missed simply because not
all newspapers carry their letters to the editor on line, or a
specific newspaper among the almost three thousand in MAPs source
database didn’t get newshawked on the day a letter was printed.

In addition, there are 40 other writers who have been printed at least
a dozen times, though over multiple years.


ADDITIONAL INFO to help you in your letter writing efforts, Please See:

Writer’s Resources http://www.mapinc.org/resource/

Stephen Heath of DPF Florida has kindly offered to review draft
letters, if you would like his advice. Please send your drafts to him
at this address, if you wish:




Please utilize the following URLs




Prepared by: Stephen Heath, Drug Policy Forum of Florida

= Please help us help reform. Send drug-related news to