#295 Please Support Oregon’s Measure 33

Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004
Subject: #295 Please Support Oregon’s Measure 33



DrugSense FOCUS Alert #295 Saturday, 16 Oct 2004

Dear Reformers:

Maybe you already know this – Oregon has Measure 33 on the ballot and
it is going to be a tight contest. Polls are close, TV ads just
starting, and every household has received a copy of the state’s
Voter’s Pamphlet.

To see Voter’s Pamphlet arguments go to:


Supporters of Yes on 33 are asking Letter to the Editor writers to
please send letters to Oregon newspapers from everywhere in support of
the measure. Time is short. Letters need to be sent within the next
few days. The more letters sent, printed or not, the more likely
Oregon newspapers are to focus on the issue.

Since the ballot measures in Oregon are a hot topic for every
newspaper it is not necessary that your letters be tied to any
specific item in a newspaper.

But, please, focus on the advantages of the measure. Now is not the
time to get into other reform issues – please, please wait until after
the election if you wish to focus on other reform issues.

Facts for your letters are found at: http://www.yeson33.org/

Marijuana is safe medicine and patients need safe access.

Measure 33 strengthens the current program.

THANKS for your effort and support.

It’s not what others do it’s what YOU do



You may obtain a list of Oregon newspapers, complete with letter email
contacts or newspaper feedback webforms by going to this link and
selecting Oregon in the Location dropdown and All Fields. You may even
email yourself a copy for easy use:


While letters need not be in response to anything a newspaper has
printed, the latest news articles and opinion items from Oregon
newspapers are at this link:




We are not including a sample letter in this Alert because we have
confidence that most activists understand what needs to be said
regarding Measure 33. However, we do suggest that if you are sending
out a number of letters to multiple newspapers that you modify the
wording with each letter. Rival newspaper editors do not like seeing
the same exact letter print in different newspapers. Make each letter
unique and in your own words for best overall results.

Please send each letter one at a time directly to the newspaper.
Please do not include other email address in what you send as this
will cause the receiving newspaper to believe you are promoting a
group effort, which will result in their discounting your letter.

ALWAYS include your full name, address and a telephone contact so that
the editors can verify your authorship. Most newspapers will not
print a letter without this information.

FINALLY, we suggest keeping your Word Count per letter to 200 or less
– 150 words or less is even better for most papers. All newspaper
editors appreciate brevity. Some newspapers have Word Count
guidelines, so watch for that if you can read the actual paper or view
its website.


ADDITIONAL INFO to help you in your letter writing efforts, Please See:

Writer’s Resources http://www.mapinc.org/resource/


email messages, etc.)

Please post a copy of your letter or report your action to the sent
letter list (sentlte@mapinc.org) if you are subscribed, or by
E-mailing a copy directly to MGreer@mapinc.org if you are not
subscribed. Your letter will then be forwarded to the list so others
can learn from your efforts and be motivated to follow suit.

This is _Very_ Important as it is one very effective way of gauging
our impact and effectiveness.

Subscribing to the Sent LTE list (sentlte@mapinc.org) will help you to
review other sent LTEs and perhaps come up with new ideas or
approaches as well as keeping others aware of your important writing

To subscribe to the Sent LTE mailing list see http://www.mapinc.org/lists/index.htm
and/or http://www.mapinc.org/lists/index.htm#form


Prepared by: Stephen Heath, Media Activism Facilitator

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