#302 Will We See You At A Conference?

Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005
Subject: #302 Will We See You At A Conference?


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DrugSense FOCUS Alert #302 – Wednesday, March 2, 2005

As an internet based organization DrugSense folks – the volunteers and
activists who make us what we are – seldom meet unless it is at a
conference. This year there are two superb conferences. We hope to see
you at one, if not both.

Below is a message from Keith Stroup about the NORML conference as
well as an agenda.

The second conference is:

The 2005 International Drug Policy Reform Conference “Building a
Movement for Reason, Compassion and Justice”

November 10, 11, & 12, 2005, Beginning with a reception on the evening
of November 9. Westin Hotel, Long Beach, California

More details on this conference will be available in the months ahead.
We have been told that there will be a limited number of scholarships
available. The web link about this conference is http://drugpolicy.org/events/dpa2005/


2005 NORML Conference: Register now … rooms going fast!

Dear NORML Supporter,

Hurry up! Do not delay in booking your room and pre-registering for
the 2005 NORML conference in San Francisco, March 31 – April 2, 2005.
NORML’s staff informs me that we’ve already sold 150% of the
organization’s allotted discounted room block at the Cathedral Hill

If you don’t want to miss out staying at the conference hotel, call
1-800-622-0855 (use the code: ‘NORML’). We’ve still got great nightly
deals on hotel rooms in downtown San Francisco at $99/standard and

To learn more about NORML’s 2005 conference, checkout:

What can you expect at NORML 2005?

The wider world knows Rick Steves as one of America’s most successful
travel authors and a popular TV show host. This year’s NORML
conference keynote speaker aptly serves as NORML’s world ambassador,
passionately advocating for a sane cannabis policy encompassing legal
and responsible adult use. Rick is a generous, funny, famous and
deeply moving speaker. I’m so very glad that he’s accepted the
director’s invitation to speak at NORML 2005.

Expect speakers such as: NORML’s new executive director Allen St.
Pierre, Drug Policy Alliance’s Drs. Ethan Nadelmann and Marsha
Rosenbaum, medical marijuana activists Angel Reich and Diane Monson
(the ‘dynamic duo’ whose pending US Supreme Court decision in their
landmark case has the marijuana law reform movement waiting on pins
and needles); also featured at NORML 2005 are numerous and informative
panels for cannabis consumers highlighting physicians, lawyers,
medical and health researchers, representatives from medical marijuana
dispensaries, cultivation experts, young and seasoned activists, High
Times Magazine editors and members of NORML’s staff and national board
of directors.

Over two dozen drug policy reform organizations are represented,
including: Drug Policy Alliance, Canada NORML, Efficacy, Americans for
Safe Access, Vancouver Island Compassionate Club, Marijuana Policy
Project, MAPinc, DrugSense, ReConsiDer, Common Sense for Drug Policy,
Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, CHEAR, DRCNet and many others.

Since 1972, NORML’s annual conferences have become THE central place
for the marijuana law reform movement to meet, build community and
strategize on the ways and means to successfully bring an end to
marijuana prohibition.

Pre-register online for the conference by visiting:

Also, you can call 202-483-5500 and register over the

I look forward to seeing many old friends and making new acquaintances
at NORML 2005 in San Francisco(one of America’s most cannabis friendly


R. Keith Stroup, Esq. Of Counsel (and NORML founder)

p.s. The entire NORML staff just booked flights from the Washington,
DC-area to San Francisco for under $200/person. Very affordable
flights still remain into San Francisco and Oakland from all over the
US and Canada.

If you’re driving to the NORML conference from CA, WA, OR, NV or from
wherever, and staying at the Cathedral Hill Hotel, parking is free.


NORML Conference Agenda as of 2 March from http://www.norml.com/index.cfm?Group_ID=6440

Wednesday, March 30

6:00 – 8:00pm Early Conference Registration and Happy

Thursday, March 31 First Day

9:00-9:90am Welcome – Steve Dillon, Esq., Chair, NORML board of

9:20-9:40am Cannabis Convocation – Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director, NORML

9:40-11:00am 2004 Pro-Cannabis Initiatives: The Review

Alaska (TBA)

Oregon/Lee Berger, Esq.

Montana (TBA)

Massachusetts/Steve Epstein, Esq.

Columbia, MO – Med Mj. Initiative/Sterling Neeb – Decrim. Initiative/Dan
Viets, Esq.

Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI/Timothy Beck

Oakland – Judy Appel, Esq.

Moderator: Dominic Holden, WA NORML/ Sensible Seattle

11:15-1:00pm Drug Policy Reform: Taking it directly to the people

Jack Cole, LEAP

Roger Goodman, Esq., Voluntary Lawyer Comm.

Nick Eyle, ReConsider

Mikki Norris, Cannabis Consumer Campaign

Keith Saunders, Ph.D, MassCANN/NORML

Moderator: Clifford Thornton, Efficacy/ NORML national board of directors

2:00-2:30pm Teens and Drugs: Reports from the Field

Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D, Deputy Director, Drug Policy Alliance

2:30-4:00pm Cannabis Prohibition Victims: Recent, Current and Prospective

Diane Munson, Raich/Munson v. Ashcroft)

Valerie Leveroni Corral, WAMM, national NORML board of

Angel Raich, Raich/Munson v. Ashcroft

Brian Epis

Todd McCormick

Marissa Garcia

Moderator: Steph Sherer, Executive Director, Americans for Safe Access

4:00-6:00pm Breakout Sessions

Student Activism: Stoking the Reefer Revolution

Christopher Mulligan, CHEAR/national NORML board of

Scarlett Swerdlow, SSDP

Abby Bair, SSDP

Josh Manning, Univ. of FL NORML

Matt Jones, Univ. of FL NORML

Moderator: Kris Krane, Associate Director, NORML

Police Tactics: Don’t Become a Statistic

Anthony Feldstein, Esq.

Omar Figaroa, Esq.

Peter Vilkelis, Esq.

Vaporizers & FDA Research: The Future of ‘Smoking’ Cannabis

Rick Doblin, Ph.D, MAPS

Moderator: Dale Gieringer, Ph.D, Director CA NORML

6:30-9:00pm NORML/High Times Annual Art Auction and Activist

Friday, April 1 Second Day

9:00-9:45am Challenges and Opportunities in Drug Policy Reform – Ethan
Nadelmann, Ph.D Executive Director, Drug Policy Alliance

9:45-11:00am In the Cross Hair: Medi-pot Docs

Tod Mikuriya, M.D.

Frank Lucido, M.D.

David Bearman, M.D.

Mollie Fry, M.D.

Claudia Jensen, M.D.

David Hadorn, M.D.

Phil Denny, M.D.

Moderator: Fred Gardner, California Medical Marijuana Research Group

11:15-1:00pm Marijuana and Good Health: Who Knew?

Robert Malamede, Ph.D, University of CO

Donald Abrams, MD, University of CA, SF

Mitch Earlywine, Ph.D, USC

Greg Carter, M.D.,University of Washington

Moderator: Dale Gieringer, Ph.D, Director CA NORML national board of directors

1:00-2:30pm Luncheon and Keynote Speaker:

Rick Steves, Best selling travel author, TV show host and NORML
Advisory Board member

2:30-3:15pm Cannabis Arrest Report and Use Analysis

Jon Gettman, Ph.D. Former NORML Director; Fellow, George Mason Univ.

3:15-4:00pm High Times’ History of The ‘Bud’ Shot: A Pictorial and Cultural

Steve Bloom, Senior Editor

Richard Cusick, Senior Editor

David Bienstock, Senior Editor

4:00-6:00pm Breakout Sessions

Cannabis Cultivation: The How, Why and for What

Kyle Kushman, High Times

Moderator: Chris Conrad, ChrisConrad.com

Medical Marijuana: State of the Law From the Pros

William McPike, Esq.

Lee Berger, Esq.

David Michaels, Esq.

Moderator: William Panzer, Esq.

Hemp: A Fruitful or Frightful Future?

Eric Steenstra, Votehemp.com

Jack Herer, The Emperor of Hemp

Moderator: David Bronner, Dr. Bronner’s Soaps, HIA

8:00-10:00pm Cannabis-oriented Entertainment

Saturday, April 2 Third Day

9:00-10:00am Registration Desk Open and NORML Product

10:00-11:15am Drugged Driving Tests: The Science and Policies What You Need
to Know-Right Now!

Dale Gieringer, Ph.D, CA NORML

Ed Orlett, Drug Policy Alliance of Ohio

Caren Woodson, Drug Policy Alliance

Moderator: Paul Armentano, Senior Policy Analyst, NORML

11:15-12:00pm Drug Policy: Then and Now

Arnold Trebach. Ph.D Founder of the Drug Policy Foundation, Trebach

12:15-2:00pm Oh Canada! Separating Myth From Reality

Richard Cowan, marijuananews.com

Moderator: Phillipe Lucas, VICS, Canada NORML

3:00-4:15pm Lessons Learned: Cannabis Prohibition and Censorship

Michael Gray, Common Sense for Drug Policy

Michael Aldrich, Ph.D

Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D, Deputy Director, Drug Policy Alliance

Debby Goldsberry

Mikki Norris, Cannabis Consumer Campaign

Moderator: Keith Saunders, Ph.D, MassCANN/NORML

4:15-6:00pm The Future is Now: Growing Grassroots Online

Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director, NORML

Dave Borden, Executive Director, DRCNet

Steven Heath, MAPinc

Matt Elrod, MAPinc

Moderator: Richard Cowan, former NORML Director, marijuananews.com

8:00-??? $75/person private benefit for NORML and the NORML


Prepared by: Stephen Heath http://www.mapinc.org/resource/maf_bio.htm