#358 Drug Cop Kills Woman, Wounds Baby

Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008
Subject: #358 Drug Cop Kills Woman, Wounds Baby


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DrugSense FOCUS Alert #358 – Tuesday, 8 Jan 2008

The War on Drugs and a relentless policy of drug prohibition does not
just increase violence in our communities among those involved with
the illicit drug trade. It also increases undue violence and death
among police and innocent bystanders. Over the past two decades,
police forces across the USA have revamped their operations so that
even routine search warrants are carried out by paramilitary SWAT teams.

On Friday, Jan 4, the paramilitary SWAT unit of the Lima OH police
department (city population 41,000) elected to serve a warrant at a
home where they knew in advance that children were present. Still,
they decided to go forward with the nighttime raid just after 8 p.m.

The result was deadly.

A SWAT team officer shot and killed Tarika Wilson. Her 1-year-old
son, Sincere Wilson, also was shot.

The man wanted in the arrest warrant was found immediately upon entry
by the officers and arrested. An unidentified officer then ascended
stairs to the second floor where he encountered Ms. Wilson holding her
baby in her arms. He then shot and killed her, while wounding the

Such shooting by police of unarmed civilians nationwide continues to
be reported far too often for the interest of general community health
and safety. Further, the majority of such killings by police are
waged against minority race civilians, despite the fact that all races
use illicit drugs in virtually equal percentages.

Perhaps the worst consequence of these police shootings of unarmed
civilians is that it is very rare for the shooter cops to either be
charged with a crime or even disciplined. Most police agencies seem
to view such killing and injury to civilians as simple “collateral
damage” in the never-ending War on Drugs.

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Radley Balko of Reason magazine is one of many notable national
writers who has carefully detailed the rising use of paramilitary
actions by U.S. police against civilians in the name of drug

His July 2006 report for The Cato Institute – “Overkill – The Rise of
Paramilitary Police Raids In America” may be found here:



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