#365 Drug Czar Walters Exaggerating Again

Date: Mon, 12 May 2008
Subject: #365 Drug Czar Walters Exaggerating Again


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DrugSense FOCUS Alert #365 – Monday, 12 May 2008

Well if we didn’t already know it was the month of May, the Office of
National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in Washington DC led by Drug Czar
John Walters is doing their best to remind us – again. For the eighth
year in a row under Walters’ lead, the ONDCP has used the first half
of May to release their annual “latest scary facts about marijuana”
press release.

Packaged and carefully crafted in the guise of a scientific study, the
ONDCP has again done nothing more than take a few correlative facts
about teenagers and marijuana use and then ‘conclude’ that the pot use
creates causative and inescapable debilitating health effects for our

This year, it’s “depression.” Citing the results of a dubious survey
from New Zealand wherein teenagers who acknowledged feeling depression
also often cited use of marijuana, the ONDCP report concludes that
teenagers who use cannabis face an increased likelihood of being
depressed. Sadly, this is as scientifically causative as saying that
many people who feel pain also use aspirin. And that therefore
aspirin use causes pain.

Even more grim is that such junk science press releases are used to
add fuel to the fiery federal insistence that all marijuana use – even
for adults, and even for appropriate medical use with a doctor’s
recommendation (currently legal in 12 U.S. states and Canada) – should
remain a criminal offense – an offense worthy of arrest, prosecution,
incarceration and a lifetime criminal record.

Fortunately, based on our 11+ years of covering drug policy news at
MAP, we’ve come to see that an increasing number of newspaper
reporters and editors view information coming from the Drug Czar’s
office with a cocked eyebrow and/or even a smirking dismissal. That’s
in large part due to their receiving a steady diet of more honest and
truthful information about marijuana – both it’s negative effects and
it’s positive benefits. That flow of alternative personal and
professional testimony comes from people like you – the users of MAP
and the people most interested in a public drug policy that is founded
on facts rather than emotionally driven misinformation.

MAP has been archived news clippings that resulted from the ONDCP
press release over this past weekend and will continue to add more as
newshawks like you find more. All the clippings found so far start
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