ALERT: #464 Will Montana Repeal Its Medical Marijuana Law?



DrugSense FOCUS Alert #464 – Thursday , February 17th, 2011

It seems more likely than not that the Montana Legislature will repeal the state’s medical marijuana law.

In November 2004, Montana passed Initiative 148 , allowing
certain patients with specific medical conditions to alleviate their
symptoms through the limited use of marijuana under medical
supervision. Montanans overwhelmingly endorsed the 2004 initiative by
62 percent to 38 percent.

News clippings about this effort to repeal are at

If Montana’s law is repealed it will encourage similar efforts in
other medical marijuana states.

Please do whatever you can to help stop this effort. Tell your
friends. Forward this alert or send links to it. Support
organizations opposing the repeal effort.

It is not what others do, it is what you do.


Prepared by: Richard Lake, Focus Alert Specialist

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