ALERT: #466 Will Michigan’s Local Reform Laws Be Repealed?



DrugSense FOCUS Alert #466 – Thursday, March 10th, 2011

In the months ahead the following local Michigan laws could be repealed:

Ferndale Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Flint Code Amendment-Medical Marihuana

Traverse City Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Plus Detroit’s needle exchange and medicinal marijuana laws as well
as other progressive drug policy reform laws in other cities.

Please read Michigan House Bills 4216, 4217, and 4218 at

If these bills become law all that is needed is for the Michigan
executive branch to make “a finding of probable financial stress” for
any local government unit within the state. The very large majority
are now suffering financial stress. Once the finding is made an
“emergency manager” appointed by the executive branch takes over
that government and has unbelievable powers to change anything that
may have a financial impact. Thus if our reform laws have a
financial impact in one person’s opinion they can be struck down.

We were alerted to this possibility by folks who watched these two TV
shows – and

What can you do? If you live close enough you could join the tens of
thousands protesting this power grab at the state capitol.

Plus consider writing LTEs to the Michigan newspapers shown here

And please send this Alert to others who may be interested. You may
also send it as a link to this Alert from the DrugSense Blog

It is not what others do, it is what you do.


Prepared by: Richard Lake, Focus Alert Specialist

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