California Can Lead the Nation

We’re taking our movement national!

As grassroots momentum and news coverage builds around California’s ballot initiative to control and tax marijuana, it’s increasingly clear that what happens at the ballot box in our state this November will impact the whole country. That’s why we’re urging California’s delegation in the U.S. Congress to endorse this groundbreaking initiative.

A win in our state will virtually guarantee more victories throughout the country — but we’re up against the drug war establishment and its powerful law enforcement lobby. To win, we’ll need allies, and we can gain a lot of ground with our senators and representatives in Congress on our side.

Urge your members of Congress to endorse California’s marijuana ballot initiative:

So far, not a single member of the California congressional delegation has spoken out in support of making marijuana legal. They’re scared of losing votes, but they’re not paying attention to the tide of public opinion.

Polling shows more people support ending marijuana prohibitionthan ever before. California Democratic Party chair John Burton even acknowledged recently that promoting marijuana law reform is the key to attracting voters in their 20s and 30s.

We need to show members of Congress the tremendous scope of our movement and to prove that supporting reform is not a political risk. Urge your members of Congress to get behind California’s initiative to make marijuana legal:


Stephen Gutwillig
Director, California
Drug Policy Alliance Network