Google to Run Just Say Now Ads Censored by Facebook


From FireDogLake

By: Michael Whitney Wednesday August 25, 2010 12:21 pm

Good news from Google: the search giant has accepted our marijuana legalization ads.

The ads were removed by Facebook, which said the ads featuring a marijuana leaf were in violation of its policy – a decision the social networking site made after serving no fewer than 38 million impressions of the ads earlier this month. The ads will begin running on Google’s advertising network immediately.

Google’s decision to run the ads is an affirmation that the search network is mature enough to run ads that are clearly political speech.

Bruce Fein, former Associate Attorney General for President Ronald Reagan and Just Say Now advisory board member, had this to say:

“Facebook’s concocted prissiness over political advocacy is more to be disparaged than imitated. Freedom of expression is made of sterner stuff.  Google deserves applause for exposing Facebook to shame.”


These ads were also accepted by Google:

You can see  the censored ads and sign our petition to Facebook protesting their decision here.