Letter Of The Week – End Prohibition, California

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Re “Legalizing is a dangerous choice” (Insight, Aug. 22): San Mateo
Police Chief Susan Manheimer claims that after marijuana is
legalized, drug cartels will continue to profit from selling
it. That’s ridiculous.

As a former police chief myself (Seattle, 1994-2000), I’d
respectfully like to ask Manheimer to show us the wine cartels that
grow grapes in our national parks to compete with the legal and
regulated alcohol industry.

Back here in reality, of course, we know that once America ended its
failed experiment with alcohol prohibition, violent gangsters were no
longer able to keep selling booze on the black market for a profit.

Similarly, we can drive street dealers out of business when we take
marijuana out of the shadows and place it under the control of safe,
regulated, licensed businesses. Passing Proposition 19 will be good
for police and for citizens who want safer streets. It’s the last
thing the drug cartels want.

Norm Stamper, Eastsound, Wash.

Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug 2010

Source: San Francisco Chronicle (CA)

Referenced: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v10/n679/a06.html