Marijuana Facts from Drug War Facts

Drug Policy Question of the Week – 10-13-10

As answered by Mary Jane Borden, Editor of Drug War Facts for the Drug Truth Network on 10-13-10.

Question of the Week: Sixteen commonly asked questions concerning marijuana are answered in a new Fact Sheet now available in the Marijuana chapter of Drug War Facts called, “Marijuana Facts from Drug War Facts.” In PDF format, you can find it on the web at It is Fact #2.

This fact sheet provides answers to 16 commonly asked questions about marijuana, many of which have been answered during these Drug Truth Network shows.

As typical of Drug War Facts, the answer to each question is referenced from credible sources, usually government data, clinical studies, or think tank reports. Included with each Fact is a direct quotation or numbers referenced directly from the source, along with a link to back to that source.

Mike Gray, the Co-chairman of Common Sense for Drug Policy, the organization that produces Drug War Facts, expressed the need for the fact sheet by stating,

“The debate on whether to tax and regulate marijuana should be a fact-based one so that California can develop the most effective policy. It is too easy when it comes to marijuana for people to lose sight of what is true and what is false, what is myth and what is reality.  We are providing this resource to the media to make sure the debate remains elevated to fact-based information.”

This new marijuana fact sheet can be used as a handout at rallies, meetings, and other events. The Fact Sheet’s two pages can easily be printed front/back to make an easy-to-use one page flyer.

Each fact on this new marijuana fact sheet can be found in the Marijuana, Drug Usage, or Gateway Theory chapters of Drug War Facts at

Questions concerning these or other facts concerning drug policy can be e-mailed to