Marijuana Farming in Monroe?

Pubdate: Sun, 16 May 2010
Source: Monroe Evening News (MI)
Copyright: 2010, The Monroe Evening News
Author: Ray Kisonas
Referenced: Michigan Medical Marihuana Program
Referenced: Michigan’s law
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There’s an eye-popping proposal that’s a bit unsettling to some
community leaders even though it could produce much-needed revenue
for Monroe County.

An entrepreneur from Florida has set his sights on a large vacant
building in Frenchtown Township that he hopes to convert into a
marijuana-producing facility. It could house close to 25,000 plants
in an operation that is sure to produce million of dollars.

But the big question remains: Is it legal?

It is, by far, the most ambitious venture regarding medical marijuana
being discussed in Michigan since voters in 2008 passed into the law
allowing its use among patients.

James McCurtis, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Community
Health in Lansing, the agency that oversees the state’s medical
marijuana industry, said the Frenchtown Township proposal is huge.

“I must say, it is creative,” Mr. McCurtis said. “I have not heard of
something like that, not in Michigan. But that has a chance of being
legal.” What is legal and illegal under the law is being discussed
and researched by local law enforcement officials, attorneys and
community leaders.