NC DA disappointed by Willie Nelson cancellation, but…

… but he’s not planning to dismiss any charges related to arrests of Willie’s band members for alleged cannabis possession.

“I understand the disappointment to all of those fans,” said Hudson. “In fact, I was at the Willie Nelson concert that night and contrary to some of the blogs I have read, I was not there in an official capacity. I was there as a paying fan myself, to support Willie Nelson’s music, and more importantly, to support our community. My wife and I stood out in the cold for about 30 minutes before the show too, so I was just as disappointed as everyone else that the concert was canceled.”

But, at the same time, he’s not conceding anything.

In fact, Hudson said that a “selective prosecution” charge has been raised by the defense.

“That issue has been raised,” he said.  “But it is not against the law to do that.  What is against the law if you ‘selectively prosecute’ one person and turn your head to other people.  That is the issue that has been raised by the defense.  Whether there is any merit to it, I don’t know.  But we will look at it.”

That’s very reassuring.