Take a new look at Drug War Facts

Those interested in drug policy need to take a new look at Drug War Facts . This long standing project of Common Sense for Drug Policy has been a staple of drug policy research for more than ten years. The resource has recently undergone a thorough review and renovation to not only continue its display of salient Facts and their proper citations, but also now include a link to each Fact’s source, usually a PDF file. The 1,200 Facts (direct quotes) that comprise Drug War Facts place over 400 reports from governments, peer-reviewed journals, think tanks, and other authoritative sources at the fingertips of drug policy researchers. From marijuana to methadone, from drug courts to drug diversion, the 45 Chapters of Drug War Facts, cover all aspects of illicit drugs and the public policies toward them both within the U.S. and across the world.

The factbase of Drug War Facts continues to be expanded, with new Facts and sources on display at http://drugwarfacts.org/cms/Recent_Facts. A series of flyers entitled “from Chapters of Drug War Facts” have been created to distill Facts concerning specific Chapters or drug policy issues into one page lists that can be found here http://mapinc.org/url/fDCZMZ4O, with the inaugural flyer, “The Federal, State, and Local Price of the Drug War,” at http://mapinc.org/url/8Xg6AK9z.

Suggestions for sources, corrections to existing Facts, and general comments concerning Drug War Facts are always welcome and should be directed to Mary Jane Borden at mjborden@drugwarfacts.org.