Pot Persecution Unjust

Dear Editor,

I can’t be the only non-user who is fed up with the persecution of medical marijuana outlets by police [Clients fume over marijuana loss, Aug.  30, Langley Advance].

The clients of these medical distribution centres come with a prescription referred by a doctor.  Therefore, the police are subordinating a legal medical health concern to an arcane statute that continues to rob the B.C.  coffers of literally billions of dollars in untaxed revenue.

The ridiculous, outmoded fear behind it all was recently underscored in an advertisement titled: “Get Paid to Grow Marijuana” about a UBC seminar, with topics such as complying with laws and regulations for medical use.

Police and politicians should not get away with using the defence that growers are liable to break-ins, etc., because that argument could be made to shut down pharmacies or even banks, who also occasionally are robbed for their wares.

In the land of uncommon sense, many peaceable, noncriminal, ordinary citizens who enjoy an occasional smoke with friends or know of it and do not disapprove are motionless, while the best possible usage of this natural herb is disallowed for those who need it most.

This is unacceptable.

In the future, any political party or politician who gets my vote will have to speak to this untenable situation.

Eli Bryan Nelson



Pubdate: Thu, 01 Sep 2011
Source: Langley Advance (CN BC)
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Author: Eli Bryan Nelson, Langley Advance