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LEAP visits Supervised Injection Site

LEAP’s Executive Director, Neill Franklin, visits Insite in Vancouver, where vulnerable people can meet the chemical part of their addiction in a legal, regulated environment. Witness a working model of the benefits of moving away from the criminalization of drug abuse.

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Congress to Restore Federal Syringe Exchange Funding Ban

Ban on Allowing States to Use HIV Prevention Money on Life-Saving Syringe Programs was Overturned in 2009 After 20-Year Struggle Reinstatement of Ban will Lead to Thousands of New HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C Cases Annually As part of the 2012 spending package being voted on today, Congress is restoring a ban […]

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Allegations Against UBC Researchers’ Study On Insite “Without Merit”

An independent reviewer has dismissed concerns over a study that shows a 35-per-cent decrease in overdose deaths after the opening of Insite, North America’s only supervised injection facility. Published in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet on April 18, 2011, the study, titled Reduction in overdose mortality after the […]

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Insight on Insite

It has been interesting to observe the fallout from the recent Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision which allows Insite, Vancouver’s largest supervised injection facility (SIF), to remain in operation. In essence, the SCC found that the rights of the clients and staff of Insite to Insite outweigh any salutory […]

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Insite victory an embarrassment for Harper

Denial of health services and increased risk of death among drug users outweighs any benefit from absolute prohibition on drug possession By Peter McKnight, Vancouver Sun If nothing else, Friday’s unanimous Supreme Court of Canada decision on the future of Insite, Vancouver’s supervised injection site, reveals the federal government’s striking […]

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Calgary addicts no longer given crack pipes

CBC News Aug 19, 2011 Alberta health officials will no longer hand out free crack pipes to addicts in Calgary. For three years Alberta Health Services [AHS] has been quietly handing out clean crack pipes to drug users on the street through a mobile van program called Safeworks. Continues:

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Crack Pipe Pilot Program Sparks Social Media Debate

TORONTO – Crack addicts in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will soon be able to pick up free, clean crack pipes from their local health authority as part of the city’s harm-reduction strategy to curb the transmission of diseases through pipe sharing. Advocates say the new pilot project, which hits streets in […]