The Drug News “Bot” App, for Android Mobiles

For a decade, the drug news bot has continually spidered the web for the latest breaking drug-policy related news. Now, the 1,000 drug -related articles the bot analyzes each day can be at your fingertips, fast with the Bot android app.

Drug Policy News Feeds

The Bot app knows all about the drug news bot’s many topics, tags, and related search terms (the news bot’s “concepts”). Choose from over 450 illegal drug and drug-policy topics, and have Bot bring the news to you.

You can choose news feeds from narrow topics of interest (cannabis, 2ci,opioid, …) or from broad categories of interest (drugwar propaganda, drug_czar, narcotic, prohibitionist, etc.) Select concepts using the Bot app’s built-in concept (topic tree) browser, or from an index. Or, if you like, add your own news feeds, from (RSS) sources you choose.

If you want, the Bot app will update newsfeeds you desire automatically. The app can (optionally) notify you when something new has arrived on a feed.

Play Bot Podcasts

The newsbot site produces many drug-policy related podcasts, every day. The Bot app makes listening to Bot’s podcasts easy.

Analyze Drug War Rhetoric

The Bot app makes it easy to spot drug warrior rhetoric and propaganda. Using the app’s text analysis feature, paste (or enter) in some questionable drug-war text, and Bot will analyze the text for you.

Augment Your Drug-Policy Reality

Using the Bot app’s “Analyze Camera” feature, you can even point your
android camera at some text, and Bot will analyze text it sees, and tell
you the results.

the Bot app – available at google play!


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