The Principle of Pot (Part 2 – Segment 1)

Segment one of Part 2 of Paul McKeever’s two part documentary titled “The Principle of Pot”, concerning individual freedom and the political strategies and campaigns of Marc Emery (dubbed the “Prince of Pot” by American media), who currently faces the possibility of extradition to the USA, and years of imprisoment there.

In this segment: “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”; marijuana book censorship; The 2 Live Crew (cont’d); why marijuana was made illegal; a failed strategy; Sunday shopping success; good bye London, hello India; from civil disobedience to civil rights movement; millions of law-breakers: the oppression of the marijuana people; morality and heroism: Roark versus Jesus; the Howard Roark of Cannabis?; facts versus warmth and sensitivity; “seething hatred for the state”; Jesus of Nazareth.