US MI: Growth Industry: Learning How to Grow Medical Marijuana

Pubdate: Mon, 28 Jun 2010
Source: Time Magazine (US)
Copyright: 2010 Time Inc
Author: Steven Gray
Cited: Michigan’s department of community health
Cited: Coalition for a Safer Detroit
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This is what a medical-marijuana class looks like. Twenty-five or so
students – men, women, young, middle-aged – listen attentively as an
instructor holds up a leafy green plant and runs down the list of
nutrients it needs. Nitrogen: stimulates leaf and stem growth.
Magnesium: helps leaf structure. Phosphorous: aids in the germination
of seeds. Michigan’s Med Grow Cannabis College is one of several
unaccredited schools to have sprung up in the 14 states and the
District of Columbia that have legalized medical use of marijuana.
Many of its students suffer from chronic pain. Others are looking to
supply those in need of relief.


Fear of violent crime is one reason recreational use of marijuana is
still illegal almost everywhere. And yet, ironically, the reason
Detroit may follow Philadelphia’s lead and liberalize restrictions on
possession of small amounts of marijuana is to alleviate the strain
on the local criminal-justice system.

In November, Californians will vote on a measure that would legalize
marijuana for recreational use – and allow the drug to be taxed. Tom
Ammiano, a Democratic assemblyman from San Francisco, estimates such
a tax could generate up to $2 billion in annual revenue for
California. “When I speak about this issue, there’s always a line of
people with a business angle – an idea for a dispensary or a new grow
light,” he says. “We’re a capitalistic society, and realistically,
the tax will push people over the edge [to] realize, ‘There’s gold in
them thar hills.'” And Nick Tennant will have his pickax at the ready.