Vote Against DEA Chief



An Open Letter to Our U.S.  Senators:

Prospective Drug Enforcement Administration head Michele Leonhart opposes medical marijuana and works to prevent Veterans Administration doctors from recommending it.  Why should veterans who rely on the VA for health care be denied remedies available to those who did not risk all in service to their country? I count myself among their number and find this discrimination to be outrageous and offensive.

Blocking VA doctors from recommending medical marijuana is not only discriminatory, it is fiscally irresponsible.  When a plant that literally grows like a weed can treat a medical condition as effectively as a costly pharmaceutical it should not only be an alternative, it should be the first alternative.

I expect my government to respect the benefits I have earned by providing the best medical care practically available.  I expect my government to respect my tax dollars by using them wisely.  I implore my U.S.  senators to ensure that these reasonable expectations are met.  Voting against Michele Leonhart’s confirmation as head of the DEA is a step in that direction.

Leroy Casterline, Casper

Pubdate: Fri, 7 May 2010

Source: Casper Star-Tribune (WY)