#460 Ways You May Support Prop. 19 Now

DrugSense FOCUS Alert #460 – Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Here are some ways you may support Proposition 19 between now and election day:

Volunteer for Online Phone Bank Training. Watch this video
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxr0Pu6SoNk then go to
http://yeson19.com/user/register and signed up. It is an easy
process. You may call from any state.

Donate https://secure.yeson19.com/page/contribute

Distribute Proposition 19 endorsements http://yeson19.com/endorsements

Your letters in response to the newspaper articles and opinions are
an important part of educating the voters. Newspaper clippings about
Proposition 19 are posted at http://www.mapinc.org/find?272

Common Sense for Drug Policy has produced a special edition of Drug
War Facts for Proposition 19. It is called “Marijuana Facts on Drug
War Facts” and can be found online in the Drug War Facts Marijuana
chapter at http://www.DrugWarFacts.org/cms/Marijuana

DrugSense has endorsed Proposition 19, writing “DrugSense/MAP has
decided that winning Prop 19 is so crucial that we should take the
extraordinary step of endorsing it. DrugSense has never endorsed a
candidate or initiative before. We enjoy our position as being the
repository of drug policy information and strive to present it in a
totally non-biased way. We let the facts speak for themselves and
encourage voters decide their positions based on these facts. But
upon research and discussion, we agree that Prop 19 is a must win for
reform; we can’t sit out this election on the sidelines.”

It’s not what others do – it’s what YOU do.