Better Living Through Chemistry: the documentary

Project by Connie Littlefield

Conceptafilm is making a feature length documentary called “Better Living Through Chemistry.” This film will tell the story of underground psychedelic chemistry: the people who made the drugs; their adventures evading the law; and society’s mixed emotions about the experiences they produced.

Beginning with the prohibition against LSD in 1966 and lasting until Sand’s final capture in 1996, a large amount of the underground LSD available in North America was made by

Nicholas Sand: and Tim Scully: , initially in partnership with Owsley Stanley: .

This film tells the story of ‘Orange Sunshine,’ ‘White Lightening,’ ‘Purple Monterey’ and other incarnations of LSD. Sand & Scully made the finest, purest LSD ever created, & evaded the law for a really long time.

We are currently raising development money for what will be a feature-length documentary. With the funds we raise through Kickstarter, we will shoot & edit a short demo, and write a treatment for the film. A budget and marketing plan will complete the development package. With these tools, we will have no trouble finding completion financing.

All donations will result in eternal gratitude & enhanced karma. Patrons who donate more than $250 will receive a DVD copy of the feature film signed by the filmmaker and a ‘thanks to’ on the website. As well, donors of over $1000 will receive a screen credit in the film. Silent blessings and smiles also appreciated.