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International Overdose Awareness Day

DPA Coordinating Events for International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31) to Remember Lives Lost and to Educate About Solutions to Overdose Crisis Accidental Overdose Deaths Have Quadrupled Since 1990 — More than 26,000 Americans Die Every Year Radio Stations and Supporters Urged to Play Music by Artists who Died of […]

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Dispensaries are Indispensable

As you may be aware, Health Canada last month announced some proposed amendment to the MMAR and are engaging in a consultation period this month. More information can be found on their website: The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries has launched a “Dispensaries are Indispensable” National Endorsement Campaign. […]

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Petition to End the War on Drugs

We call on you to end the war on drugs and the prohibition regime, and move towards a system based on decriminalisation, regulation, public health and education. This 50 year old policy has failed, fuels violent organised crime, devastates lives and is costing billions. It is time for a humane […]

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Feds Attacking Marijuana Clinics – Act Now!

Two years ago, the Obama administration promised not to waste federal resources interfering with state medical marijuana laws. But in recent months they’ve broken that promise, raiding licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and sending threatening letters to state officials.

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ALERT: 468 Now There Are 16 States

NOW THERE ARE 16 STATES ********************************************************************** DrugSense FOCUS Alert #468 – Saturday, May 14th, 2011 Today the front page of The News Journal, Delaware’s major newspaper, printed the article below. Will this, the most restrictive law any state has, ever actually help patients? Will the federal government allow the state […]

Focus Alerts

ALERT: #467 Michigan Marihuana Act Under Attack

MICHIGAN MARIHUANA ACT UNDER ATTACK ********************************************************************** DrugSense FOCUS Alert #467 – Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 More than 1.3 million adults read the Sunday Detroit Free Press so what it prints is influential. Today two items focused on medicinal marijuana. The first, an in depth editorial, is at The second, […]

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Help Return Marc Emery to Canada

As many of you know, Marc Emery has been jailed in the United States for the last year serving out a five year sentence for distributing millions of cannabis seeds in an effort to raise money to support cannabis law reform. For the last several months he has been in […]