Harm Reduction or Mixed Messages?

By J.T. Junig, MD, PhD

I’m curious what readers think about needle exchange programs, dosing rooms, and other means of harm reduction. Should we provide clean syringes and needles for drug addicts at taxpayer expense? Should the needles incorporate filters to protect people who dissolve and inject Suboxone—at the same time when many patients wait in line to get into a buprenorphine program in order to use the medication properly?

I would also appreciate comments from anyone who is making use of needle exchange or similar programs—and from any readers who are diverting Suboxone. Set up a free, anonymous e-mail account and let me know why you are doing what you are doing—instead of using the medication properly and leaving the using days behind. If you are nervous about leaving an I.P. address on the Psych Central site, send me an e-mail—to drj@fdlpsych.com .