Help Return Marc Emery to Canada

As many of you know, Marc Emery has been jailed in the United States for the last year serving out a five year sentence for distributing millions of cannabis seeds in an effort to raise money to support cannabis law reform.

For the last several months he has been in Folkstown, GA, at the D Ray James correctional facility. His jail blogs are at and further information is available at

Marc is now being transferred to another facility, currently unknown. He continues to await a decision from the United States on his request to transfer back to Canada to serve out his sentence at home.

We are seeking support for his request to serve his sentence in Canada. He meets all the relevant treaty criteria and suggests that US taxpayers need not be burdened with the cost of his incarceration, particularly when he never physically entered the US while engaging in the admittedly criminal conduct.

If you are able to assist with building support from US officials, either at the state or federal level, please either contact me ( or his wife Jodie ( Information on how to contact the DOJ representative with conduct of his file is at the website. Please note
that a decision could come at any time, so we are racing the clock in some sense.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Kirk Tousaw,