On 40th Anniversary of “War on Drugs,” Cops Release Report Showing its Failure

Obama’s Drug Czar Says He Ended “War on Drugs” Two Years Ago

Cops Hand-Deliver Report to Drug Czar’s Office While Czar Refuses to Meet

WASHINGTON, DC — In conjunction with this week’s 40th anniversary of President Nixon declaring “war on drugs,” a group of police, judges and jailers who support legalization released a report today showing how the Obama administration is ramping up a war it disingenuously claims that it ended two years ago.

Following the report’s release at a press conference this morning, the pro-legalization law enforcers attempted to hand-deliver a copy to Obama administration drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, who is a former Seattle chief of police. Instead of making time to listen to the concerns of fellow law enforcers who have dedicated their careers to protecting public safety, he simply sent a staffer to the lobby to receive a copy of the cops’ report.