US CA: Citing High Black Arrests, NAACP Endorses Pot

Pubdate: Thu, 1 Jul 2010
Source: Capitol Weekly (Sacramento, CA)
Copyright: 2010 Capitol Weekly Group
Author: Malcolm Maclachlan
Cited: California NAACP
Cited: Proposition 19
Referenced: Targeting Blacks for Marijuana
Referenced: Marijuana Arrests and California’s Drug War


On Monday, the California State Conference of the NAACP announced its
“unconditional endorsement” of a November initiative that would
legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

On Tuesday, the NAACP said why. According to a just-released study by
the Drug Policy Alliance, blacks are far more likely to be arrested
for pot possession than whites – even though statistically, blacks
use marijuana at lower rates than whites. The Alliance, a national
advocacy group, favors treatment rather than arrest or imprisonment
for people suffering from drug dependency.


A SurveyUSA poll conducted back in April shows that Allen’s message
isn’t resonating with African-American voters.

The telephone poll of 500 adults conducted found the idea of
legalizing pot leading 56 percent to 42 percent. Among
African-Americans surveyed, 67 percent supported the idea, while only
29 percent were opposed. Fifty-nine percent of white voters supported
the idea, along with 58 percent of Asians and only 45 percent of Hispanics.

The results were also heavily tilted by gender and age. Men support
legalizing marijuana by a 65 percent to 32 percent margin. Women
oppose the idea, 46 percent to 51 percent.

Three quarters of voters under 35 support the idea – the only age
group that gave it majority support.